Look very closely,this girl doesn't have a panty!!

Last night I was in one of those night clubs in Jinja.I had gone to visit my siblings at Nyenga Seminary.

You know two of my siblings want to become priests,but I believe they will drop out after sometime.You see you cannot resist nature or any form of it.SO it was too late and couldn’t make back to Kampala since  i was tired!!So I had to find something to waste time on till the next day.

Thats when I ended up in the club.So I took some shots and started dancing.On the other end was la lady making a phone call.She was to bulky and had exposed her p**sy for everyone to see.SO thats when my optical nutrition started.This girl had flushed her…. for us to see. so I decide to take a picture.At the counter the bar man said,that must be from Busoga University….so I had to make my research why these girls among other campusers don’t put on knickers!! or why they go commando!!..

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Girls go Pantyless in this one!!
Girls go Pantyless in this one!!

Here are a few reasons below!

1.They got tired of knickers in high school

2.Most of them are from the village,so they are used to it

3.Mbu it’s confortable

4.Hahhah..mbu they feel sexier

5.Our guys find it sexier!!!!

6.It makes it easy to penetrate!!!!,any where like M.T.N

Its common nowadays to go pantyless or braless,most celebrities do it,You remember Tracy Bora.The Habit is picking up.

Tracy Bora in a see through dress at one of the concerts in Kampla
Tracy Bora in a see through dress at one of the concerts in Kampla

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