It took less than an hour and 20,000 ugx in glasses of juice(alcohol) for the pretty young woman seating in a  noisy bar to offer up her cell phone number and a promise that “the pleasures of a campus babe ” could be had for the right price.

As a student from Kenya,I was utterly shocked, the woman repeatedly touched a me suggestively and offered a proposition for a night stand.So I eagerly queried where she was from,she answered from K.I.U.I inquired because she din’t look like a hooker.Unfortunatley she was,I  then frowned in puzzlement.

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Prostitution, has been blamed for the increase of sex workers. Many analysts view the high rise of women selling their bodies around the town areas and other surroundings as indications that these are people trying to make ends meet.

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The girl seated next to you in class could be a prostitute
The girl seated next to you in class could be a prostitute

However, there is a new kind of phenomenon that is being ignored – corporate prostitution especially among students at universities. This is the sophisticated kind of sex workers, who privately sell their bodies in a different way from the renowned ‘ladies of the night’.

It has been common practice for prostitutes to conduct business during the night hence the reason they are sometimes referred to as ‘ladies of the night’.

“To describe corporate prostitution is the example of an average unemployed young woman and lives in an expensive hostel”.

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This woman drives her own nice car, pays her own bills, eats out at the most expensive eating outlets, and just about affords anything. She is just the ideal independent woman. This is not to say successful women are into corporate prostitution but there are those who will go out of their way to sleep with big guy just to live a particular lifestyle.

While others sleep with rich older men some go for their age-mates who have to be rich and these are often referred to as ‘friends with benefits’. One will find that these beautiful and ‘successful’ ladies have so many ‘friends with benefits’ just so they maintain their luxurious lifestyles.

How is that person different from the ‘normal’ sex worker? There is no difference at all except for the playing field.


Interviewed on this matter, a classy and very sophisticated stuent of MUBS(Makerere University Business School), Sandra who is in this new kind of trade, says students into this know how to maintain themselves. She says they know how to keep looking good put on the right make-up and have the perfect bodies even if it means “buying” some parts


“The beauty of this type of sex worker is that no one will ever suspect one is buying a prostitute because they never dress like one. You will find then in the VIP sections in concerts and other high-profile functions or hangout spots,” she says.

In some countries they are referred to as sex-escorts in that they will play all roles. It is said they will escort men to all events and act like their girlfriends, after which they will escort them to bed and then offer them sex, obviously in return for money. As long as they have money they will offer whatever the man wants, which is usually sex.

Sandra says some corporate prostitutes may not even be aware that they are in this trade because they take it to be a way of life. All that matters is wearing the most expensive clothes, carrying designer handbags and the latest gadgets.

She says the students also want to maintain a certain kind of lifestyle hence they go around getting involved with men who drive flashy cars and have fat wallets. “In most instances you will find that these corporate prostitutes have steady partners but they do these acts on the side.

A number of students go through a lot before they graduate.Some get infected with diseases
A number of students go through a lot before they graduate.Some get infected with diseases

The university students are in multiple ‘friends with benefits’ relationships. This also works to their advantage when they graduate because they then land jobs in top companies, which is part of the much fancied benefits,” she adds.On the otherhand their are dangers of spreading diseases like H.I.V is now on a rise amoung young men and women.


20 signs she is a corporate prostitute

 Have you been pondering whether that pretty girl you had been dating and want to commit to is involved in the now rampant corporate prostitution by single ladies who now sleep around to get money, favour, job, contract, etc?
Below are some obvious signs to look out for, though some ignorant good girls are gradually copying some of the characters without knowing the harm, but they are sure traits you would find in 99% of corporate prostitutes.
1. Her phone is always ringing
2. She guards her phone jealously
3. She knows the names of most top ranked hotels and restaurants around town(Nando’s)
4. She exposes her breasts and cleavage
5. She has no committed boyfriend or fiancée at 25 years, but she has numerous male friends
6. She lives alone, drives a costly car, carries designer bags and wears latest designer things and perfumes
7. She believes so much in make-up, human hair, costly hair attachments and changes hair so often
8. She is always busy
9. She hates marriage, she doesn’t respect men, but she cherishes rich guys and big cars
10. She uses phrases like; “I can’t settle for less”, “I can’t love”, “I can’t be a housewife”, “I am afraid of having babies”, “I love travelling”, “I love my space”
11. She is a party freak
12. She is the breadwinner of her family
13. Her friends are fly-fly types
14. She can’t stop talking about money and rich people
15. She is addicted to shopping
16. She doesn’t value the poor, hates old people and also snares at them