UCU Girl Gets Knocked by car,Launches career!!


Have you ever been in an unfortunate situation and you feel like you have been cursed.??? You are not alone(most of us do).In this Particular scenario someone took the approach we have always been told from time immemorial ie “When Life Gives you Lemons,Make Lemonade”

This lady is a testimony to that lemonade adage,meet Martha Kemi Kagimba a UCU Mass Communication finalist.She is a positive person who looks for opportunity in every bad situation.She was going home and she got slightly knocked by a car,not just any car her Dream car(Range Rover Sport 2016 Model).As we talk now she is a star being inboxed by celebrities,we wish her the best in her new chosen career(Comedy),just know she is Talented. Anne Kansiime beware,you have competition,like serious competition !
Her famous quotes so far
“How can i eat a rolex after being knocked by a Range Rover how!!”
“Other people are knocked by wheelbarrows and boda bodas. Who am I to be knocked by my dream car,”
Now the hilarious video making rounds on the internet is here