News reaching us is that the NCHE In a complete turnaround from its earlier position, the National Council for Higher Education has conceded that it has not yet accredited the nursing academic programmes at Uganda Christian University (UCU).

The latest correspondences obtained by this website reveal how Prof John Opuda-Asibo, the executive director of NCHE, discloses that the three nursing programmes at UCU are undergoing a review process by NCHE before they are accredited as required by the law. NCHE is the standards watchdog for universities and other tertiary institutions in the country.

Prof Opuda-Asibo’s concession is contained in a September 5 letter to Isaac Ssemakadde of Centre for Legal Aid (CLA). The law firm is representing former and some current students of UCU who are seeking legal redress against the university.

The students accuse UCU of admitting them on an academic programme that was not accredited, and at the time of their admission they did not have the minimum requirements set by the regulator.

“NCHE awaits the final copy of the curriculum from UCU for forwarding to UNMC [Uganda Nurses and Midwives Council], which will then be followed by the inspection of physical facilities,” wrote Prof Opuda-Asibo.