News reaching the juice is that there is a girl by the names Kiconco Racheal,BBA.Finished her studies back in 2015 October at Uganda Christian University. It is said that after knowing her status,she decided to sleep with every male student who approached her. Our snoop told us that she aquired the disease from a one Mande,working for a city tabloid. One of her victims Isaac, walked into our offices to expose this sick girl.

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He told us that she was a resident of Ndagano hostel in Bugujju and that her interest after acquiring the disease was to spread it. She is currently living in Mbarara,Kashaka.On knowing that we captured this story,she immediatley turned off her phone since last week, (0777837172)


  • jami hubbard

    This is tabloid nonsense and harassment not journalism! Who are you to be judge, jury and executioner of this young girl? She should sue you out of existence for libel.

    Even if it were true; did she force her partners to have sex without protection??

    Shame on you all who had a hand in this pseudo publication!

    • Newman

      if we do not leave our confort zones for the sake of the future, then we are doomed. such pple should be exposed. you should note the difference between men and women and Jami, you cannot understand what goes on in the silence…my be she does it intentionally to attract men by being half nude, being unnecessarily romantic, and may be she tells them not to use condoms claiming she is fine.
      If Uganda and Africa at large does not take time to have an extra reasoning, then we are in shit. Thanks to Campus Juice. Such stories help us the young one to know how to deal with such bu girls who come sweet talking to us…THINK DAMN HARDER BOO