At campus when girls get broke at the end of the semester,they usually sleep around with boys to get some money for up keep.They are normally given 10,000 to 20,000 per night,this is reality  really absurd.

But there are those who sleep with boda boda men,askari’s and common workers around there hostels for survival.Such was a one Kiconco Racheal, BBA finished in 2015 was a resident of Ndagano hostel.

Our investigator at Uganda Christian University found out that this girl from Ndagano used to sleep with the hostel electrician for a loaf of bread and sugar. Her fellow girls had warned her that she would get diseases however this fell on deaf ears.

Kiconco slept with movie sellers to get movies that cost only 1000 shs,and any one who can afford her a meal. Last week we wrote that this girl had acquired an STD and wanted to spread it to any one who pursued her.

It is said that she had turned her hostel into a lodge. Isaac a former resident of Alpha ang Omega one of the guys who survived her STD said that she on several times took  him to luxurious places(Nandos,cinema’s etc ) for fun with a mission of getting him sick,(she gave me bjs’ etc )however by the favor of God he survived.if you think this is a lie,go to UCU ask for Ndagano hostel and confirm.

Her character turned heads at the hostel and prompted the warden to call her parents however she threatened them. We are to reveal more about this girl just keep on the Juice. According to our source this girl has slept with over 30 guys in her last semester.Some of her victims are lecturers and tutors.

She always calls guys to see her in Mbarara and still comes back to Mukono to get more victims. One of the guys by the names Emma told our reporter that she invited him and also gave him directions to her Muzigo in Kashaka Mbarara. Next week we shall add on the story.