Uganda Christian University

If you leave somewhere in Bugujju close to Shadraks bar,you definitely understand what am talking about.The latest gossip we have is that a bar owner Shadrak got lucky this Tuesday when two drunk UCU babes spent a night at his Bar. According to sources these two wild babes visited the bar at around 8 :p.m in the evening.

Shadraks bar is normally flocked by campusers,cause it looks “legit”. The bar is always open day and night except Sundays. However this Tuesday Shadrak locked up the bar at around midnight with two ladies. The two were Diana, BDVS 3rd year and another babe doing Procurement in year three also.

Students who normally visit the bar late in the night were treated to moans and groans from the bar instead if the usual banging music through out the night. Early morning the two girls were seen moping the elnino that floured the entire bar. Shadrak is a BBA student at UCU also in his 3rd year.