Beautiful on the outside but not on the inside,this statement could be used again and again for Law Babes at the University of sin and sex tapes. These girls are so beautiful but very very generous. Our reporter at UCU informed us that UCU has a garden of many beautiful flowers (flowers),although most of them deflowered even before they reach Campus.

our reporter says the biggest percentage of students at Uganda Christian University are from the west,since nowadays they are the one’s with all our money,and it’s a common thing to find girls and boys chatting in Lunyankole on campus, “in my class,we are only 4 Baganda,and the biggest percentage are Banyankole”.

It is common Knowledge that westerners are beautiful,but very local and primitive.Most of these babes board a bus all the way from Mbarara,Toro,Bushenyi etc…in otherwords they transport all the Kyaalo to the bus to Kampala

According to our reporter,it is very possible to vibe a Munyankore babe and bang her that real day and since every Munyankore wants to study Law,most of them are prey to sharp Baganda and some northerners.

  • DRE

    Y’all know this chic is a Tanzanian Instagram model, right? She is called Agnes