A babe dancing at Amnesia

The easiest place to pick up campus girls is in the clubs. Such girls are not only out for night of fun but are also optimistic they would get LUCKY

So I went to Amnesia,this is a Jinja road based night club where you’re guaranteed to meet campus girls.The club is usually packed and there will always be girls on the dance floor shaking their Kabinas. The VIP section could also work to your advantage. Just tell a girl you’ll take her to the VIP, buy her a few drinks and she is yours for the night.

You know Campusers talk about this club as if its the best hangout around town,so I made it a point to visit last Thursday. KATS’ illegal wife Fille was performing. The club was full to capacity anti,campusers just need an I.D to access the fan. The music was cool,dance flow quite okay & D.J’s fine. So I moved to the counter to order some drinks,I requested for 2 bottles of Arthur’s Guinness, and chall to drink,you know I drink while standing to avoid getting tipsy “quickly”.

After doing away with the black liquid it was time to get crazy on the danceflow,I wigled my body left center,right left,squaz everything on the dance flow until I moved next to one muzindalo to catch some breath…..guess what I found,some chicks being banged on the speakers……Banange, So i moved to the walls,still the same activity was happening…….I think thats why they say Amnesia is the best

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