Munyankore Babe Bonking Sessions Keeps Entire Hostel Awake

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Residents of Bahesi hostel at MUBS are spending sleepless nights with their ears outside all night cause of some Munyakole babe who keeps moaning almost all night. Neighbors claim that this girl sheila brings in guys almost everyday,she seems not to be getting enough.

“Guys keep banging her,and at one time they ran into each other in the morning,one guy was living in the morning and another was coming in for a morning session,it is so sick” one of her neighbors told our snoop…

Am really confused,if everyone is banging her,why is she still making a lot of noise? except that she is pretending.Through out my sex expeditions I came to find out that women moan just to please their partners.Guys, maybe you think that she’s moaning and screaming because you’re such a great lover mbu, she’s having a mind-blowing orgasm. waa, think again. That’s not why she is noisy in bed. According to my research women make lots of noise simply to boost their partner’s sex self-esteem,…so if you are in Bahesi,tell that ki babe to stop making noise for you…

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  • DRE

    If only y’all could post actual receipts.