UCU 3rd year Bangs 3 Freshers in one Room

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Last Friday my neighbor at Tupendane transported three freshers from Hive at Mukono. The four came drunk late in the night at around 4:00 am.I was not asleep yet,I had coursework to do. The following day I had to hand it in,So I was busy on my laptop.

The girls came in shouting,by the sound of that I knew they were now drunk and crazy,so through the corridor,they entered Hakeem’ room  on the second floor where I also crash.I thought well,since they are many they were just going to have a nap and then leave later that morning. However I was left speechless when I heard moans coming out of the room.Know I don’t know how he convinced them all to sleep with him.If at all he was a friend I would have asked how he did so.

In the morning I waited at the door to find out which sort of humans are these,and at around 10:00 am I saw them coming out of hakeems room.They were not beatiful as such but survivors.Good thing I marked their faces and won’t fall into their cheapness.

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