UCU Student Bangs two Kenyans in one night at Galaxy Hostel

Galaxy Hostel Mukono
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A Uganda student by the names Derrick, not the one who acted the sex tape but another banged two Kenyans in one night at Galaxy Hostel Mukono.Our informer told us that it all started on a Friday when he Derrick was coming from Kampala.

He boarded a taxi and at the very back was were the two girls were seated also heading to Mukono,UCU. Derrick started a conversation with them and at the time they reached in their hostel, it was around 7:00 P.M. Derrick had teased them for not being able to cook anything than Posho and vegetables (Sukuma…) So on arriving they turned to cooking and by the time food was ready it was 11:00 p.m. It was already late so Ndobe requested to spend a night.

As he took a nap on the carpet,he heard fingers massaging his body,he woke up and asked,”what she hears us?”, “it is ok”..the girl replied, “you come to bed”, Derrick moved gently to Bed,and the sessions began…

“She pulled out my thing and started playing with it,sucking it and later drew it in her warm flesh boat. It was so warm,I panicked to tell her,I don’t have condoms”,she said “don’t worry am safe.”….meanwhile the other girl was giving me a very deep kiss, her tongue almost swallowed me …..my senses got lost in the adventure….”this was the best time of my life….I tried all styles and in the end I was so exhausted the following day….if you want to know…I still go there whenever am bored”…

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