Linda Huston

Today on #wcw,we interview Linda Huston from Mbarara University of Science and Technology.Linda is daughter to one of the most powerful civil servants in the country….Trust me getting this interview was not a walk in the park

Me: So your done with school?….

Yes….from MUST…studied Information systems

Me: hmmmm your too cute….


How do you spend your free time?

I like keeping myself busy.. swimming… making new n honest friends.I don’t like people who lie to me. And also wasting time on something that is not working out.

Are you hooked up to some guy?

No…(she leaves me guessing)

How many guys crash on you in a day

Countless,but am open minded,I just keep them guessing

Ok.. Fav Gadget?

Xiaomi mi max smartphone is my favourite gadget. I got it when no one else in Uganda had it

oh thats cool,since your done with campus,perhaps a masters,work or P.H.D?

Yeah am working,I do private research for NGOs and individuals

Thanks for your time…..