News reaching us from the land of sin and sex tapes is that a student by the names Olupot James,Procurement graduated at the beginning of this year in March is Gay.Our snoop at UCU main Campus told our reporter that the student used to enjoy things from behind.

A lady by the name Jackie said at one time James tried to force himself into her behind but refused,she screamed loud from her room deep in the night and the shameless Olupot took off  and jumped over the fence , disappeared in the dark.This is not the first time he had done this,our reporter said. His OB’s from Seeta High Main branch said during there senior 6,Olupot used to penetrate senior one kids with a promise of money…Our reporter found ought that Olupot lives in Mukono along Bugerere road!!!..There are parts of this story we are not able to print because some of the tales are very sensitive