News reaching us is that Police investigating Akena’s murder  are  concerned over why Joseph, family and close friends labored to connect the incident to Burundi politics by falsely claiming that Cynthia is being persecuted because she is related to a high profile political family some of whose members have been killed.

“Her Auntie Hon. Hafsa Mossi an MP in the East African parliament was recently gunned down in Burundi, her sweet brother recently succumbed to nine bullets and he survived not forgetting all the others who continue to suffer political persecution wherever they are.”

Preliminary findings have however offered that Cynthia Munangwari is an ordinary young girl back home in Burundi, with not a single political connection, be it at the Local council (if any there) level. Her father is a normal Burundian from Ngagara parish in Bujumbura. Further findings indicate that Cynthia is a divorced mother of one. She has three brothers, two of whom in Burundi and anther here in Uganda.

A stylist by occupation, Cynthia’s boss was a close friend to the above mentioned fallen EAC politician and this could explain why the spinners of the Burundi version were quick to push her in the picture of the strong opposition family back home.