Police in Kampala has arrested two of city businessman, Matthew Kanyamunyu’s brothers as investigations into the killing of a community development officer deepen.

Police on Friday picked Moses and Joseph Kanyamunyu from their resoective homes where a police search was conducted.The two are said to be detained at Kira road police station.

Yesterday we wrote an article about Kanyamunyu’s family lying about Cynthia,Kanyamunyu’s girlfriend after the shooting incident read full story here

Matthew is the key suspect  in the death Kenneth Akena, a community development officer who was allegedly shot after scratching Mathew’s on Saturday and died moments after he had been admitted to Novik Hospital.

Matthew was following his Akena’s death, Matthew and his Burumdian girlfriend Cynthia Munanwari were arrested following a dying declaration in which Akena had said the people who took him to the hospital are the ones who shot him after he accidentally scratched their car.

Akena said he had been shot at Game Stores but his car was discovered at the UMA turn opposit on Jinja road.

The inconsistency of Akena’s dying declaration of where he was shot from with where his car was found by police, witness accounts and the missing gun  said to be the murder weapon has stirred public speculations as the mystery about his death continues.