That Kanyamunyu is labelled a bad boy with a bad temper, is an open secret by now. Many have described him as someone who is only good when kept in a distance. A father of five, Kanyamunyu is said to have lost his two baby mamas’ love vide consistent domestic violence. His first wife left after giving him three kids before he got another, only known to us as Florence.

Citing persistent battering, Florence too left him after producing two kids. However, she was too hot to be left for other lads and Mathew injected some cash for a four months’ apologetic sojourn in Europe following which, Florence conceived again. But she was determined not to keep near Mathew anymore. She left with her kids to go give birth in the United States and never returned. “With all his good looks, he has a heart of a lion,” summed our source.

Trying to know better why the otherwise cool guy would behave in such a manner, we sampled other relatives’ behavior (another Kanyamunyu). One of his brothers had married a one Marcella Karakye whom he could batter on a daily basis but she remained in the violent relationship simply because of what we gathered as good sex. It took her God Mother and First Lady Janet Kataha Museveni’s intervention for her to finally break loose.