You know those Snapchat, Instagram & Facebook who call themselves SLAY QUEENS it turns out that they are into online prostitutuion and one of the rings has been exposed.

For those who know Millicent Lubega the one in the picture,news reaching my hyena desk is that she sells sex online at 60,000 for two hours. Just 30,000 ugx per hour.Lubega was busted by one guy living in Jinja who was complaining that he paid 60,000 ugx for a threesome but was not worth it. It is said he humped Lubega and her friend for just 60,000ugx for two hours. Follow us on twitter for more of lubega’s pictures,click here

In a whats app conversation,Lubega confessed that she could have live sex,a levels,bjs and so many others.On Friday we are to release details on this story and write a full story covering all girls who are into cooperate prostitution just keep on the juice.

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