The 2nd Division Army Commander Brig. Peter Elweru has blamed Kasese Members of Parliament for “misleading” the Omusinga of Rwenzururu Charles Wesley Mumbere, leading to the bloodshed that rocked the western district in which more than 60 people lost lives.

Brig Elweru who commanded the joint forces raid on the King’s palace last Sunday emphasized that the MPs were equally to blame for the clashes and asked them come out and confess their wrong doing.

Ahead of the raid, some of the area MPs were reportedly holed up in the palace with the king trying to convince him to surrender his guards who had just carried out an attack on police officers.

The MPs have accused the joint forces led by Brig. Elweru of inconsiderately shooting at guards who were “already surrendering,” an accusation he vehemently denies.

The army commander while speaking to reporters at the retiring function of 231 army officers at Makenke Barracks in Mbarara, said the Kasese MPs were in fact the reason for the standoff, and expressed disdain that these instead of realizing their mistake, turned around to “blaming the army and telling lies.”

He demanded that these make a public apology, stressing that they “clearly knew what was happening.”

Brig Elweru revealed that during his arrest, the Omusinga Mumbere — who is currently remanded in Jinja for murder — confessed that he was misled by the politicians.

The army officer claims that the MPs during the meeting not only incited the King to resist the president, (who at the time was on the phone asking him to surrender); but also urged the royal guards not to surrender.

“We cannot continue like this, people have died; people are crying and some people are taking advantage of the situation; this business of defiance until you lead people straight to hell has to stop” he said.

“It is very unfortunate when I hear leaders like Hon Winnie Kiiza (Kasese Woman MP) say what they say about what happened.”

Elweri added, “That very MP is on record in the past to have incited the people to come out and shed blood during the (February) elections. If Winnie is the catholic she claims to be, she should go to a priest and confess.”

At the Makenke event, Brig. Elweru urged the retired officers not to attempt joining rebel or other militia groups.