Oxfam International Executive Director, Mrs. Winnie Byanyima will not be running for President as was recently insinuated in the media, her husband Col Dr Kizza Besigye has clarified.

The former four time presidential candidate summed up the growing excitement about his wife’s presidential bid as a “misrepresentation.”

Mrs Byanyima hinted on leading the country last week, when she said “I now know that I can do it, absolutely, I have no question in my mind that I have the ability or even the power to change our country,” said Byanyima.

She has not yet personally denied implying that she intended to run for president.

When contacted recently for clarification, Mrs. Byanyima told  journalists, “I am not clarifying on anything.”

But yesterday during an interview with NBS Television on this topic, Dr Besigye said his wife didn’t imply that she intended to run for president in 2021.

He also hastened to blame the talk on the “regime public relations” which he said was bent to shift the focus from last February’s contested presidential elections.

Besigye elucidated, “There has been a very serious and, I dare say, possibly deliberate misrepresentation of what Winnie Byanyima stated.

“It has been presented as if Winnie Byanyima made a declaration to contest for the presidency. She was asked if she could offer leadership to the country and she responded that she can. That is different from making declaration.”

He added, “What is happening is that the regime public relations is attempting to shift the debate from the stolen 2016 elections to 2021. That very clearly will not happen to us, we won an election in 2016 and we have incontrovertible evidence to show that we won. So we shall resist attempts by the regime propaganda machine to divert us.”