The  KCCA in a meeting  failed to discuss the salary arrears owed to Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago because by the time this item was presented, Musisi had moved out.

Instead, Lukwago circulated a letter he wrote on January 4 to Musisi in response to the one written by Kamya. In her letter, Kamya instructed Musisi not to pay Lukwago’s arrears until the legal process surrounding his impeachment in 2013 is concluded. Lukwago is demanding at least Shs 650 million in arrears between November 2013 and May 2016.

In his letter,  which he tabled in the meeting yesterday, Lukwago notes: “The interlocutory matters that went to the Court of Appeal and Supreme court are only related to temporary stay of execution pending appeal but did not in any way override or set aside the decision of Justice Lydia Mugambe [that nullified the lord mayor’s impeachment]. Even the interim order of stay issued by Justice [Steven] Kavuma way back in April 2014 lapsed with time…”