Turinawe's post at Parliament

News reaching the Juice News desk from Parliament is that FDC’s Mobilizer Ingrid Turinawe got a rude reception from Members of Parliament said to have been set up by Byanyima camp.

Igrid was Chased from the Parliamentary canteen.Our snoop at Parliament also informed us that their are some FDC and NRM MPs that had placards telling her; NO VOTES from Mpigs.Ingrid was soliciting for EALA votes.Fresh from being sneaked into the final race after being trounced by Ms Florence Ibi Ekwau by two votes in the hotly contested elections which took place at the party’s headquarters in Najjanakumbi, Ms.

Turinawe on Tuesday received a rude welcome from scores of MPs as she carried on her campaigns, moments after an impromptu meeting by the Shadow cabinet in Parliament was reported as matters pertaining EALA.

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