Bobiwine in meeting with Besigye

After the court of appeal threw out FDC’s Katinti out of Parliament,news reaching us is that Popular afro beat Musician has put up a campaign team and enough resources to get the FDC ticket.

Its apparent Bobiwine is so close to FDC stalwart Dr.Kiza Besigye and is assured of standing on the FDC ticket because Katinti can’t stand now.

The Juice last wednesday learned that after Katinti was kicked out of Parlaiment,Bobiwine’s campaign manager Robert Zidda braged to his friends that Bobiwine was to stand for the seat on the FDC ticket.

It is clear that Besigye now favors Bobiwine ahead of Turinawe who was trounced in the the EALA Parliamentary race. In the picture Bobiwine had gone to receive Besigye’s endorsement at his home in Kasangati.