The Amelia' and MUseveni

Minister Amelia Kyambadde’s husband Wilson Kyambadde has Monday been jailed in Kampala over a debt of USD300,000 (over Shs1.5billion as per current exchange rate), Flavia Nassuna Matovu, the High Court deputy registrar in charge of execution and bailiffs, imprisoned Mr. Kyambadde for another six months for failing to pay Mr. Amdhan Khan from whom he got money in a fake property deal.

 Kyambadde and Khan have been at loggers for over two years, most says over a botched deal. It is believed that Kyambadde promised to sell the Indian-Ugandan man a house allocated to him by his former friend President Yoweri Museveni through State House yet he had nothing.

The building Kyambadde claimed he was selling to Kha is located at Nasser Road, Kampala. He was arrested by court bailiffs led by a fierce man called Kirunda from Old Kampala ashe went about with his personal businesses. Khan is one of the top private money lenders in the country who has lent money to various people including business people, politicians, among other people. Bond with first family The Kyambaddes have been close and worked for the Museveni family since 1979 playing the longest uninterrupted impact on Uganda’s politics. Ms Kyambadde said a special bond of friendship developed between the two families – with the Kyambaddes helping the Musevenis find a home and establish themselves in exile life in Sweden – where she says she watched the children being born and grow up. There are is rumor that was making rounds in the public that Ameria was one of Museveni’ concubines.

  • Kalani Jonathan

    Do not defame the president. Even if you don’t support him, you don’t have to write unfounded things about him. He is married to Janet and you want to disturb the first family. Stop the no sense.