A senior Manager working with one of Uganda’s top media houses has turned into a vicious Sexpest, who is preying on junior employs.

Some of the junior employees who are fed up of the Manager’s Whopper Terrorism’ managerial style have reached out to Journalists and pleaded with to expose the Sexpest hyena.

The affected employees who got in touch with us on condition of anonymity wrote to us yesterday airing out their grievances thus; “Dear ….. We would like to expose a senior manager in a leading media firm in Kampala by the name Samuel, who is masquerading as a good leader in the Sales department but is in essence a sex pest. He preys on young girls, old enough to be his daughters, enticing them with money, Phones, outings among others. He is married with 3 young children, last born about 2 years. He previously worked in Nairobi before being transferred to Kampala. This behavior is disgusting, and needs to stop. He has cheated on his wife for too long with utmost impunity sometimes without demanding for protection. He owes all the girls he has slept with a good apology since this is in fact a sexual harassment offence.”

Snoops reveal that this Sexpest Manager has been working at the Media House for several years, hence he commands a lot of influence and power.

As a result, he has the capacity to rain blessings on girls who surrender their Goodies and cause calamity upon those who reject his Whopper Terrorism.