Thank you for your recent contributions to our campaign,so far we have raised 1,020 USD of 2000 dollars we need to realize our goal for equipping our athletes at Namakwa S.S.



My name is Mukasa  a teacher at a secondary school, Namakwa Senior Secondary School (t (high school), and a high performing athlete in his own right. I  have started a program to help Orphans and needy kids from his home attend secondary school.

The program educates, houses, feeds, clothes and trains the children as athletes with the hope that they will be able to gain college scholarships and advance their lives, going on to become outstanding adults.

All money will be accounted for and go directly to providing the children’s needs, getting them clothes, training material, books and school supplies and other needs.

If we make our funding goal the program will be set for 3 years and 34 children will be able to finish High School, and go on to college.

If you are a Christian, you will also be pleased to hear that the children are also taught the Word and learn about God.

If you are not a Christian, you can rest assured that they are also being educated and prepared for college.

Below are a few of the photos of the students. I have a spread sheet outlining the costs and can send you that with all the picture of the kids you are helping if you are interested.