President Yoweri Museveni has directed Makerere University Council to repeat the exercise for searching the new university Vice Chancellor.

Security sources revealed to us that president Museveni who is also the appointing authority has instructed the University Council Chairman to conduct fresh exercise after he was informed that the last process was conducted fraudulently.

Last Month Makerere University announced Prof Barnabas Nawangwe as the new Vice Chancellor to replace Prof Ddumba Sentamu whose contract expires on August 31.

Nawangwe got 77% and scored 16 votes beating his rival Prof Venansius Baryamureeba who was highly expected to take back his seat.

Sources from Makerere revealed to us that the process to search for new VC was marred by flaws and irregularities and was fraudulently conducted to have Prof Baryamureeba knocked out of the race.

“Prof Baryamureeba was supposed to be the new VC but Ddumba used his office to frustrate him,” said a reliable source from Makerere who also doubles as the member for the University Council.

The source further said it was wrong for the council to select one candidate and send one name to the Chancellor for approval.

“It has never happened at Makerere where the council sends one name to Chancellor. That means the council chose the VC its self which is wrong,” said another Prof who also doubles as council member.

The source further explained that in a situation when all candidates in the race obtain the required marks, the Council sends all their names to the Chancellor and he selects one person.

“Prof Baryamureeba had scored the required marks so why did the Council reject to send his name to the Chancellor. It shows there were flaws in the process and that is why we petitioned to the President,” added another Prof Saying that they are so happy that the process will be repeated.

However when contacted Makerere public relations officer Ritah Namisango for the comment, she denied having any knowledge of repeating the process to search for the New VC.

“Am not aware of that information. What I know the term for the current VC prof Ddumba expires on 31August and if the process is to be repeated will be after that date,” she said.

Efforts to get Prof Nawangwe were futile as his phone was switched off by press time.

However sources close to him said they heard the information and are waiting at the end of the month when Ddumba’s contract ends.

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“If Makerere University Council dares to repeat the exercise, we shall automatically go to Court,” said another Prof who is close to Prof Nawangwe adding the process for searching the new VC was well conducted.

“If any Candidate was not satisfied with the Process, he should have gone to Court not to the President,” added another source.

He added that the President has no powers in choosing Makerere University vice chancellor.