Comical legislator, Mubarak Munyagwa faces a herculean task as he prepares to take on the highest office in the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party

On account of his first showing, he put on a bad show as he profusely sweated before the media as he unleashed his campaign strategy. His palpitations shot after journalists criticized him for failure to garner enough crowds to accompany him at the nomination centre at Najjanankumbi.

Munyagwa arrived in a one-car convoy at the FDC head office with two people during the party presidential nominations last week. His wife, Joweria Nagujja and his two sons arrived later and attended his nomination.
A few FDC supporters who had stayed behind after former legislator, Eng. Patrick Poa Amuriat left with a huge crowd, gathered around to cheer Munyagwa.

He made sure he greeted and waved to all FDC supporters who were still standing by and this is the group that gathered to witness him getting his papers endorsed and literally became his ‘crowd’.
But not done, Munyagwa told journalists that he wanted to create a difference by not behaving like others who went to their home villages and gathered about 200 villagers to cheer them. “I came alone but from here I’m going to set the city on fire. I will stop anywhere I find people and address them.

I warn the police not to stand in my way because I’m now a dully nominated candidate. I’m going to Owino and then Nakasero Market, wait for the fire,” he told the journalists who burst in laughter. His wife intervened and tried to fondly clear the sweat from his face.

He attempted to walk along Entebbe road just like Poa but gave up and drove away. Some FDC supporters said they were disappointed because they expected Munyagwa to arrive in a big crowd from his constituency in Kawempe.

Munyagwa however hailed FDC democracy, saying he had only lasted in the party for hardly two years and he was allowed to contest for the highest office and assured everyone that he was bound to win. Munyagwa, former Kawempe Division mayor, is Kawempe South MP