Motor Mouthed self styled human rights activist and Lecturer at Makerere University has fianlly admitted that Jail taught her a lesson in a Facebook Post.The lecturer had spent more than 30 days in Prison for calling the President a pair of buttocks

Jail does things to a soul. In this regard, my children are my priority.

People can be strange. They ask me what happened to the sanitary pads campaign. They ask me whether the government bought my silence and inaction. Some head teachers of schools from rural districts call my phone number to ask me when I will be taking sanitary pads to the schoolgirls in their schools. People ask this and that…

Often, I tell them that I took a break from the sanitary pads campaign, after spending thirty-three days in jail. Sometimes I tell them that I gave birth to only one daughter who has never missed a day of school because she lacked menstrual hygiene materials. Sometimes I am too shocked at their rude intrusion to respond in any meaningful way to their queries. You see, I stopped giving a fuck!

But the more I think about the sanitary pads campaign, the more I celebrate it. Using the free-will donations of ordinary people, our campaign challenged the dictatorial leaders of this god-forsaken country. We questioned the lies about promising sanitary pads, the lies about lack of government funds to provide sanitary pads, as representatives of the manifold blatant lies told to Ugandans. We also boldly bought sanitary pads and distributed them to thousands of schoolgirls. We showed it can be done, where there is a will.