Before his death General Kazini was on trial for overthrowing government.General Kazini the former UPDF bush war hero  spent the night out with his girl friend Draru suprisingly the next morning he was announced dead at the hands of her girlfriend.Is it possible?

The morning he died,after spending a night at his girlfriends’ he came back home in Wabigalo parish in Namuwongo.

His wife Phoebe Kazini was home and was preparing his bags as he was supposed to leave for the airport at 6 am for a flight to Juba,then all of a sudden he received a phone call. It was not clear who called him as he was moving out of his house to head to the airport.

He then rushed back to the bedroom and got his car keys a Land cruiser VX and drove a personal car to an unknown destination and left his driver behind in his official car.At around 5:40 am Kazini was announced dead. Later Draru was convicted solely on her own plea of guilt no investigations were made.