Last year I graduated with a bachelor’ degree in Procurement and Logistics,it was my second degree,I had a few years back attained another degree in International Business from MUBS on Government Sponsorship,ACCA,CPA,DIT (APTECH).

One thing that was hard for me was to decide “where next” to get after graduation day. Seeing some of my friends get married(!!) and settle down, while others like me are still doing their own thang,being single. To me, being single since I joined campus, gave me time to think about big projects,that have helped me ever since I completed. I have joined the National Atheletics team,FUBA,founded a media and ICT firm,I also work with one of the biggest accounting firms in the Country.

 There are big challenges though, especially because my life for the next few years is in flux as everyone one will expect me to get married and I don’t have any girl I can think of,most I have met were digging tools,just hoes.No wonder most got married to men their fathers age.

Besides, I always thought relationships add so much stress to an already stressful life when you’re a student. Early in my undergrad, dating was really hard because I was So busy. Short term isn’t my thing but I can see why it is for so many students. It’s hard to balance a serious relationship, plus there is a lot of instability and uncertainty in students’ lives these days (you’re not sure where you’ll end up getting a job ).

But not for Bateisa Praise and Emmanuel Iga.The two met at Uganda Christian University in their BBA Class of 2015.They were so close to one another and got everyone worried,that they will either fail academically. They excelled and both are working.Praise and Emma never let anyone get between them,and in the end they got married.Makes me believe there are understanding women after all. Congratulations