Turns out the reason why his congregation kissed Mbonye’ feet is because he walked on the streets of Heaven.

Photos of a Kampala cultic Prophet whose followers Practically worship the ground he walks on emerged allover social media over the weekend. The bizzare photos were taken during an event held in Kololo Independence grounds where the flamboyant Pastor Elvis Mbonye was the object hero worship by his entranced followers

In the photos the emmensely rich pastor who reportedly owns a fleet of cars and Manshions scattered around Kampala is seen seated on a white seat with gold reams as some followers kneel down to kiss his Shoes

The prophet meanwhile smiled, laughed and raised his hands, seemingly enjoying the praise and adulation he was receiving.


The 41-year-old is married to Harriet, a businesswoman who has never attended any of his fellowships. Unlike most pastors whose wives minister with them.