News reaching is that Rubaga Cathedral main Pastor,Kayanja has ordered for a brand new chopper to arrive in Uganda before the year ends.  The pastor revealed this to his congregation during the 77 Dogs of glory. “I had a dream,that before this year ends,I will receive a brand new Chopper to aide my transportation” Kayanja.

As if not enough,you realise that the 77 Dogs is taking place outside the Church,news reaching us is that the pastor is to increase the seating capacity of his a 10,500-seater auditorium to a 23000 seater which will be the largest auditorium in the Nation.The expansion would cost upto 10 million US dollars.

Pastor Kayanja has established a hugely successful evangelical ministry with its own TV channel, a 10,500-seater auditorium and some of Uganda’s most powerful people among his vast following — only to find his reputation tarnished by a series of allegations (all unproven and strenuously denied) including a lurid gay sex scandal.