It is now common Knowledge that singer Moses Sali aka Bebecool is down with a strange disease and was admitted to hospital recently.

Gagamel boss Moses Ssali aka Bebe Cool’s Byafayo house in Kiwatule has been taken over wildly growing bushes, which are infested with snakes, rodents and other wild animals.

The massive house which Bebe started constructing in 2008 but has since stalled, is infested with pest ever since construction stopped over money related issues.

Neighbours in the area reveal that “The bushes are fast growing into thicket that will soon overrun the house, because Bebe cannot even hire cleaners to slash the invading bush around the Byafayo House.”

They add that “We are so scared that the house might become a den for criminals or deadly wild animals, especially because of the bushes growing around it.”However, our Snoops in Gagamel reveal that Bebe is these days regretting why he spent a lot of money travelling to America where he hoped to do a collabo with Jason Derulo.

The Snoops reveal that “He is regretting having gone to the US and often says had he known the Jason Derulo project wouldn’t work out, he would have instead travelled to China to buy windows and door fittings for his house.  However, this comes at a time when Bebe’s wife Zuena Kirema is pregnant with their fifth child, meaning that they will have to create space for the baby at their already crammed up house in Ntinda, where he rents. So while Bebe manufactures kids in Ntinda, rodents and snakes are enjoying bonking marathons in his Byafayo House.