News reaching us is that their is an on going fight between Ssemwanga’ Untie and the late Ivan Ssemwanga’ wife Zari who is currently in South Africa.

It is said when Zari went back a second time to visit the late Ssemwanga’ grave (Posted Pictures on social media seating on the grave). A fight broke up between her and one of the late’ Unties. Ssemwanga’ untie claims before Zari had met Ssemwanga she had lost a man.Before she lost her first husband,Zari had given birth to a boy and he is 22 years old today.

The woman goes on to claim that Zari is hiding him away from the public.She goes on to say that Zari frequents Ssemwanga’ grave with voodoo from Tanzania to bewitch him.It is said it is the same voodoo she used to bewitch him to death.