Pastor Robert Kakande

Their is an audio making rounds on social media of a man alleged to be Pastor Kakande’s assistant saying that he was forced to sleep with pastor Kakande’ white Miracle Snake.The man continues to allege that as of August, 2017 Prophet Kakande had checked in at Butabika for mental overhaul after his snake was killed by Pastor Ssenyonga.

He goes on to explain that that the disappearance of his grand ‘angel’, an eight year old girl who deserted him to unknown destination and has since not returned to him is responsible for his madness.

It is said one day following the death of his snake,Pastor Kakande came back home only to find out that the eight year old girl the one responsible for making him miracles had disappeared back into heaven or hell,wherever she came from.

Pastor Iga,bobiwine,Mama Fina and Chameleone are said to be some of his accomplices.