There is disturbing news within pastoral circles in Uganda now,just after we learned that Pastor Kakande got ran to Nigeria to get more powers from pastor T.B Joshua after the death of his white miracle snake and the disappearance of his angel. The Juice has landed on evidence where a certain pastor SSenyonga  Jackson  of Christian Life Ministries located in Bwaise got the powers to cripple Pastor Kakande’ once flourishing Kubiri Church.

It has been revealed that the pastor got his powers from an occult woman in Nigeria. A source whose who requested anonymity says,this woman fabled with the ability to make people see visions of people’s names, phone numbers, bank details, colors of ladies underwear and sundry secrets. During our investigations, some pastors have confirmed to us that actually there is a woman in Nigeria where most Ugandan pastors go to acquire such powers. At the beggining of this year our colleagues at Howwe biz a Ugandan blog reported that Pastor Ssenyonga’ church was on the verge of collapse and was planning to sell off Top media which includes the Television station and a radio station.He had also sold his Kololo Manshion and relocated to Mukono. However following the visit,all seems to have turned around with Ssenyonga getting most of Kakande’s followers.

The source intimated to us that  pastor Ssenyonga whose church was on the brink of collapse believes that the numerical strength of his church is not commensurate with his efforts or God and was desperate to try other means of succeeding in ministry so he ran to Nigeria.

The source made more shocking revelation of how he paid more than US$100,000 to acquire magical powers to enable him pull crowds, make prophecies and perform miracles in Church and also kill Kakande’ source of power.

What Ssenyonga did in Abuja according to the source

Pastor  said he went to the womans house where he was given a tablet of soap called ‘Do as I say’ which he used before being led into a dark room which had a table covered with white, red and black linen, lit candles under it and a Bible.

He said it was in that room that he saw a strange human being emerge from behind the table who asked him specifically what he wanted.

“I told that ‘person’ that I wanted numbers in my church as that was the only sure way of getting a good income to sustain my extravagant lifestyle,” he said.

The woman said to prove that the soap he was given was effective, told him that he was going to find crowds of people at his church the following day, which was a Sunday.

True , Pastor Ssenyonga was shocked to find the church jam-packed with people whom he had never seen come to his church before.He decided to name it P5. Meanwhile on the other side,Pastor Kakande was struggling