As Opposition continue to pile Pressure on N.R.M to give up the idea of passing the age limit Bill,another Protagonist in Uganda’s Politics is willing to add his voice to those opposing the removal of the age limit clause from the constitution. Intricate sources at Mengo have revealed that the Kabaka of Buganda Kabaka Mutebi is ready to add his voice to those calling on Museveni and NRM M.P’s to desist from scrapping the age limit clause from the constitution.

According to a whistle blower,the Kabaka of Buganda who has fallen out with the President on several occasions first inquired from Buganda M.P,His Premier,Religious Leaders and Elders before making his decision. Although the Kabaka doesn’t intend to come out openly on this matter of national interest right now,he intends to speak out incase the President who is the protagonist in the comes out to say he is intends to scrap the clause from the constitution.

Although the constitution bars Cultural leaders from participating in politics,mid last month the Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi came out openly to oppose the proposed land amendment bill and described it as a pain. The Government had proposed a Constitution amendment to give government powers to compulsorily take private land.”At this point I want to thank Prince Kassim Nakibinge for the words he said expressing worry about the Constitution Amendment Bill [on land]” The Kabaka noted. This annoyed the President.Kabaka Came out to oppose the bill,after learning of a plot to grab his land in the Cattle corridor,in Districts including Nakaseke,Masaka,Lwengo,Mitiyaana, Kiboga among others.

Kabaka Drums up support for Museveni in1985

In late 1985, during the Nairobi Peace Talks between the Junta government of Lt Gen Tito Okello Lutwa and the National Resistance Army (NRA) rebels led by Yoweri Museveni, Buganda Prince Ronald Muwenda Mutebi was secretly flown from London to Nairobi and Kigali and later driven to Luweero Triangle to witness how the war was advancing towards Kampala.

According to Hajj Abdul Nadduli, the minister without Portfolio and a veteran of the NRA Bush War, Mr Museveni in 1985 invited then Prince Mutebi to the Luweero Triangle as proof that Museveni was keeping his word to restore Buganda Kingdom if they captured power.
Nadduli engaged the rebel leader on the restoration of Buganda Kingdom as early as 1981.