Like they say that old habits die hard; this is in truism to former city socialite Maureen Ashaba Aheebwa, who shocked friends after parading kinky baby shower photos. follow us on twitter here to view more photos

Maureen who is married to Patrick Ngabirano shocked her close friends after parading herself posing for a baby shower Photo-shoot which took place at one of the joint at Acacia Mall.

After posing for photos, many of her friends have been criticizing her for parading her body in such a style when she is aware that she is no longer in the wild socialite lifestyle.

Sources say that Ngabirano was left worried and shocked by theĀ  photos, fearing that they might land unto the eyes of his close friends and workmates at Speke Hotels, where he works as a marketer.

Ngabirano married Maureen last year at a flashy wedding which attracted various socialites and musicians.

Before he married Maureen, she was a socialite in Mbarara and was a common figure at happening places in Mbarara such as Vision Empire and Desert bar.

She was very popular for donning miniskirts that would leave men salivating.