Why I don’t Believe in Talent

At the seminary I learned how to play every music instrument,everybody was taught,and it was a must to be in the school choir,and since we were only 280,everyone of us tried singing.I am gifted somehow,I make hard things seem easy,and so many of my friends call me gifted.You know when you are naturally gifted with something guys get to call you talented.You’ve heard legends of child geniuses who are somehow cut from a different cloth. It’s said that they’re just born with special abilities that you don’t have and never will be able to attain.Unfortunately,I don’t believe in talent,instead hard work.

For this weeks article I initially wanted to talk about Mozart to illustrate the whole ‘talent is a myth’-thing but since nobody really knows about this great man, I decided to go with someone closer to our world.Me.

Creating my first website at 10,in Uganda.It was impossible,there were only two reasonable explanations for this: I was either born a genius or I was faking it. Some people actually refused to believe that I was a real person… You know you’re badass when people start questioning your existence even if the evidence is right in front of them .The only reason I gave was I started when I was young (7).

So the combination of starting young (still having the plasticity of a child’s brain, absorbing everything like a sponge with infinite capacity), not being afraid to fail (it’s all fun and games when you’re a kid) and the fact that I knew exactly what I wanted resulted in a sort of anabolic learning experience. So by the time I turned 10 I had already spent a couple thousand hours coding and that’s why am so freaking good. . Saying am just talented discounts the hard work and effort I put into building up all my skills. Read, Frames of Mind by Howard Gardner

Being talented is nothing more than getting a little head start from the beginning. You can compare building your production skills with running a marathon: Let’s just say the person who is blessed with talent starts the race 50 meters ahead of everyone else (seems kind of unfair, right?) but 50 meters don’t mean shit in a 42 km marathon. It’s about perseverance and maintaining a high average pace over a long period of time. There’s also that idiot (Monsak) who starts sprinting as soon as the race starts to let everybody and their mother know he’s the fastest but fails to realize that his unsustainable strategy will drain his batteries pretty quickly and he’ll need to slow down or even stop entirely at some point. Don’t be that guy.

I encourage you to re-read the story of the tortoise and the hare in those primary one english text books. It’s basically making the same point. Talent alone won’t get you far and we give it way too much credit than it deserves. The only thing I got from the story when I was a kid was that hares are so silly.Talent has a limit,and hardwork starts where talent stops,just look at Chameleones career!