On Thursday we learned that the president had met with UPDF army officers at State House, Entebbe.During the meeting, Museveni who was wearing an army uniform, said he is very much diasppointed in the police institution after learning about the shocking news about Kaweesi girlfriends rape.

It is alleged that Kaweesi’ girlfriend was gang raped by police officers as they tried to extort information about Kaweesi’ murder.

“They were four guys. They broke into my home. I was naked in my bed when they pounced on me. They would rape me in turns as others turned everything in my house upside down. They gang-raped me from 9pm to 3am,”

“I reported the matter to Kyaliwajjala police. But as you can guess a gang-rape for six hours, there are some things done to me that I could not reveal to those very young police officers. It pains that such a thing happens to a person like me and police can’t find the suspects. However, unless they kill me, I will do it myself because I feel badly abused” Mbabazi further revealed that she was also used from the anus.