Currently the Minister of Justice & Constitutional Affairs Kahinda Otafiire is appearing before the Legal  Affairs Committee after Raphael Magyezi stormed out.Hon.Magyezi found the reception not good.And there are claims that the SFC has been deployed where the committee is seated


The opening sitting of the Legal Affairs Committee in which the mover of Age Limit Amendment Bill Hon Raphael Magezi was expected to appear together with the Bill seconders, dragged for several minutes as some of the members rejected the venue in which it was convened

Some of the MPs, mostly from the opposition raised concerns that the room in which the committee sat was the same room in which some of them were tortured by plain clothed security agents last month when the bill was tabled.

One of the committee members Hon Semujju Nganda, who came dressed in a red suit and a red cap, said the room brought him bad memories.
“I have injuries on my neck up to now,” the MP argued with the committee Chairman Hon Jacob Oboth Oboth who was initially opposed to the motion to vacate the room.

Should Parliament remove the age limit clause from the Constitution?

Hon Oboth wanted the entire committee to vote on the motion to switch rooms, but was out voiced by the opposition MPs, Hon Lubega Segona, Muhammad Nsereko Abudu Katutntu.

Tension and anxiety increased when the Parliamentary Sargent at Arms strolled into the room and was seen whispering into the chairman’s ear.

The chairman then left his seat and walked out with him.

It later emerged however, that the two were discussing relocation of the meeting, which the chair later announced and the MPs moved to Conference Room A.