Snoops have informed us that their are NTV presenters who rush back to their homes/apartments to catch their favorite weekly Show the Frontline on NBS.The Frontline is a Current Affairs program that airs every Thursday night at 10:00 pm to Midnight.

The show is hosted by former NTV employee Charles Odongtho who was fired on request of Andrew Mwenda.Mwenda complained that Charles was interrogating him instead of Interviewing him during their News night show.Mwenda was also later fired by the Serena based station for being an NRM/Rwandese P.R machine

It is said Sheila Nduhukire,Josephine Karungi,Maurice Mugisha among others run home to catch a glimpse of the show.Those who miss it by pretending to watch On the Spot their own version of Frontline which happens at the same time make sure to catch a repeat the following day