Kabaka Ronald Mutebi is the most respected Monarch in Uganda

News reaching our gossip news desk is that the Kabaka of Buganda Muwenda Mutebi has a new bonkmate and it happens to be a Uganda Christian University student.

Our snoop at UCU has informed the Juice that the girl is a fresher and lives in one of the residential hall called Sabiti.

“The girl leaves the UCU in a black TX Landcruiser almost every Friday,She told us she always meets him over the weekend” a source told our reporter.

It should be remembered that at one time Naginda was shocked to learn that Kabaka MUtebi had kids she didn’t know about,during the baptism of Ssemakokilo who is the heir to the throne.Ssemakokilo’ mother was a “dancer” in his Palace and was flown out of the country after birth.