Gagamel boss Bebe Cool gave Dizzy nuts family shs 800,000 ugx to buy a coffin for his fallen Colleague but before that Bebecool said he knew about Dizzy’ death threats before he passed. Galiwango a.k.a Oscar Mubuuke was knocked dead in the wee hours of Monday morning.

A visibly shaken Bebe Cool reveals that the manner in which the singer was hit suggests it could have been a planned move, which unfortunately harvested the wrong person.
“A speeding car with tinted Windows aimed for my car from the opposite side of the road. Luckily, my car is a left hand drive.

When it ploughed on the right hand side, it rammed into Dizzy Nuts and another friend of mine, (Hassan Kato) who is presently admitted at Nakasero Hospital.”
Bebe cool reveals that he hasn’t yet gathered the guts to report the attempt on his life to police since he is still confused about the perpetrators intended motive. He revealed that at the moment, he is busy organizing for the funeral of his dead pal who will be buried at Kayabwe alongside Masaka road.