Government Chief Whip Ruth Nankabirwa,the 52 year old Kiboga native whom Museveni has trusted with ensuring age limits are removed, worships money more than Judas Iscariot.

At both her offices at Parliament & OPM Buildings,she has two huge Money Safes–cushioning millions she uses to bribe MPs.

After money,Nankabirwa’s other god is her kandahar

Her husband Fred Segujja is a witness. She simply keeps him for PR purposes.

They have two known children-Rachael Nakandi who goes to Nabisunsa Girls & Moses Kakembo.

But Nankabirwa has many “side-dishes” & they have at times caused problems.

Nankabirwa’s young daughter mysteriously drowned in a swimming pool in 2002. Her husband Fred Segujja was demanding for a DNA test to prove the father of the girl when she mysteriously drowned. The girl who pulled off this mission was sent abroad.

Her husband still believes the girl was drowned to cover up Nankabirwa’s escapades.

Her affairs with Gen Salim Saleh & ex-Minister John Nasasira are a public secret.

Janet Museveni even suspects that the Big Man at one point had an affair with her .

When she is going for her raunchy sessions,she uses a Saloon car. Thats the car she also uses for her hair styling at a Nakulabye saloon opposite Umeme offices.

Her Kampala home is in Bulange Zone,Lungujja,Rubaga Division where she typically hosts a ‘dirty’ party every New Year’s eve. She also owns a farm house in Masooli,off Gayaza Road.

Her estranged husband’s home is in Ndejje,Kabuye,Luweero.

*Fault Lines*
Nankabirwa is a hate figure at the NRM Secretariat where the likes of SG Lumumba & Deputy SG Todwong feel she is taking all the money for age-limit removal. She recently acquired a Shs. 700m Lexus Reg No. 444J from her age limit dime.

There are questions over her academic credentials. She could not gain admission to University for a prestigious course & had to settle for a BA in Fine Arts which she ‘passed’ with a Pass Degree.