The legislator, who is currently undergoing treatment in USA has since cried out for help over the bills with fear that Parliament has remained silent despite writing several letters seeking aid.

“I will be receiving my operation from the Neurosurgeon; the Speaker visited me and promised to help me seek medical attention from abroad. I did as advised to write to the medical board but I failed to get help,” Zaake

“I later devised means and got myself abroad but have since written to the Speaker seeking help with the ever increasing medical bills but I have got no response; it is fellow Ugandans this way and myself that are trying to do the needful but I am worried these bills are too much,” Zaake added.

Zaake got injured in a scuffle that happened on September 27th between legislators who had been suspended from the house and external security forces.

The 26 year old MP says Monday 13th, November 2017 is the day he is to meet specialized neurosurgeons for surgery but he is not sure whether it will be, simply because the balance must be cleared to nil before the surgery.

“My family managed to raise half of $ 72, 473.43 which is the total amount leaving a balance of $ 36,236.715 to be paid to the hospital before the process. I have indeed waited for long for the institution of Parliament to arrange the money to cater for my medical bills abroad because I am entitled to this money just like any other member of parliament,” Zaake observed.

When contacted on the plight of the MP, Director Communication at Parliament, Chris Obore saidthe legislator should remain calm as due processes take place.

“Parliament is waiting for the Medical board and the Prime Minister to communicate the outcome because under the procedures Parliament can only pay after receiving a letter of clearance from the Prime Minister,” Obore said.

He added that this is the only reason the Zaake’s payment is delaying and the process must be followed to avoid any audit queries that might arise.