Students of Nyakasura

I would like to begin this article with a lesson that most of you learnt unconsciously as kids at your school, kindergarten or home, that “money is the root cause of all evil” or that “money doesn’t make someone happy”.

And still I have to warn you that if you are looking for inspiration,this is not the right place for you,I don’t write inspiration stuff,my column is mainly about “to do things”.

Un schooling thoughts or beliefs is hard most especially in our country where these thoughts are coupled with “fear” and “curses”. While in high school I came across a book, in it was a sentence,a short team of words that went like “Money is the root cause of evil” This idea/statement sums up the most basic, massive idea behind the notion that money is evil. This idea is the giant mass below the surface that anchors and enables the rest of other concepts about money.

This book must have been written in the 60’s and was widely used by students in most missionary founded schools.What the writer was suggesting is that his African readers/students shouldn’t desire or loath money.But we are aware that today the “luck of money,can be a root cause of evil”,similarly in the Bible I read “Jesus said to the crowd,give Caesar what belongs to him,and that of God to God”.

When the colonialist came to Africa,he must have observed our barbaric tendencies and how we used fear to instill even the most pathetic of customs or notions in our day to day lives, and incessantly through our cultures.So with fear,he had gotten a tool to bribe our conscious.