News reaching us from the land of s3x tapes and sin is that the newly elected Guild president Barasha Dancun is  looking for a first lady,the lonely Mukiga who is normally seen playing tenis in the evenings at campus was over the weekend seen having lunch with two beautiful MASCOM students in a restaurant next to the university. Dancun had never taken out a girl out for lunch since he is a resident and enjoys University meals (posho,rice and beans)

Dancun’ election was supposed to be nulled for receiving FDC support during the just concluded guild election controversial to the guild election guidelines at UCU

.It is said Barasha’ campaign was funded by FDC president Mugisha Muntu contralry to Article 27, Clause 1(e) of the UCU Guild Constitution.

Article 27, Clause 1(e) of the UCU Guild Constitution states that to qualify to be a Uganda Christian University guild presidential candidate, one ought to stand on his/her own merit. One must not represent or receive any contribution from any national political party.

However because Barasha was working for the chaplaincy before standing for guild president ,he was favored and sworn in as the new guild last week in Nkoyoyo hall.