Jailah (r),with friends

UCU is known for cute girls,here is another interview with one of the cuteful ones Jailah

Hallo, whats your name?

Am Jailah


Industrial art..

Why art?

I like it,actually I love interior designing that’s why am so much into art…Ohh I also like sculputure and african craft,tells a lot about who we are…..

Ohhhh,so what you want to be in say…five years?

Well am still thinking about it,but my dream is to be an artiste..a gospel artiste,blends well with my course…

Ok…any songs so far,the juice would love to share if any?

Nop….hopefully next year

The one thing guys don’t know about you?

I like Praying a lot,actually its ther reason I chose UCU,it christian based….

Where do you mostly hung out?

In church, plus I like hunging out with friends…and reading christian literature